Take Charge of Your Account with the WaterSmart Portal

The District’s WaterSmart portal allows you to view your usage history, pay your bill, get money saving recommendations, sign up for usage and payment alerts, and much more! Over half of District customers are already taking charge of their water use with the tools provided by the WaterSmart portal. Learn more about WaterSmart, including the informative and useful features that can help you save water and money with the information and videos below.

To get started all you need is your account ID number and your Zip code. Your account ID number can be found on the upper right corner of your paper bill. If you have any questions, the District's customer service staff are available to assist.

After logging into your WaterSmart Portal you will find information regarding your water use, alerts and notifications, and links to common questions.

A great place to start is with the Recommended Items on the WaterSmart Portal Homepage. The Take Action section also provides recommended actions customers can take to save water and money. Many of the actions link to helpful information websites like US EPA WaterSense, bewaterwise.com and to relevant pages on the District's website.

By clicking on the track tab of the portal you will be able to critically evaluate your water use history to find potential savings. For example, significant swings in use between your January and August bill indicates outdoor irrigation is likely a significant portion of water use, and replacing higher water use plants with water wise landscaping could save you water and money. Learn more about the Smart Landscape Rebate Program here.

Notifications are another helpful feature of the WaterSmart portal. Customers can sign up for Check My Use Notifications that will send high water use alert emails. Signing up is easy. Just go to Settings and select Communication Preferences. There users can check the My Use Notifications box. The District recommends setting the notification for 1.5 to 2 times normal seasonal use for customers with large landscaped areas or water use over 20 HCF per month, or 3 to 4 times normal for low water use customers using less than 6 HCF per month.

WaterSmart has produced a series of fun and informative videos that provide users with helpful “how to” information to get the most out of your portal use. Please check out the WaterSmart videos posted below.
The District’s WaterSmart Portal is a convenient and user-friendly resource to access and pay your bill, and to get a better understanding of your water use.

The District's WaterSmart Portal allows customers to stay smart about their water use by providing convenient visual online tools that allow customers to see where and when you are using the most water.

Learn my about the WaterSmart Portal by viewing the following "How To" videos provided by WaterSmart Software, Inc.

WaterSmart Portal Explainer Video


Introduction to WaterSmart Customer Portal

View and Track Water Use in the WaterSmart Customer Portal