Electronic Payment Options

Paying your bill online is easy! The Goleta Water District offers customers two free and convenient options for electronic payments: sign up for recurring AutoPay or use E-Check for one-time payments. Both of these payment options can be done using the District’s WaterSmart Portal at goletawater.watersmart.com.

Customers who would like to set up AutoPay will need to register on the WaterSmart portal first.  All you need is your District Account Number and your zip code. Your Account Number can be found on the upper right corner of your paper bill. If you need help signing up, the District’s customer service staff are available to assist.

Once logged in, click on “View Bill” and then click “AutoPay” on the left. Follow the guided instructions to complete signup. The AutoPay option will automatically deduct the bill amount on the due date. The District still sends a billing statement for your review 20 days prior to the due date either by mail or email for those who have chosen paperless billing.

If you only want to make a one-time payment using an E-Check, you do not need to register for WaterSmart, but will need to enter your District Account Number to login and then follow the bill pay prompts. E-Check payments allow the customer to control both the payment amount and the payment date. Payments made via E-check are updated in real time and will be shown as pending in the District’s WaterSmart Portal.

Beginning spring 2023, the District will also be offering customers the option of using a self-service payment kiosk in our customer service waiting area and a second outdoor kiosk, which will be available 24 hours a day.

Traditional payment methods also remain available. Your monthly water bill can be paid by mail or dropped off in the convenient DropBox located at the District's headquarters. Customers may also use the Online Bill Pay method that allows customers to pay through their bank. The bank then prints and mails a check directly to the District.

The District’s WaterSmart Portal offers much more than just a way to pay your bill! It is a convenient easy-to-use online tool to both access your account, learn about ways to save money and conserve water as well as get a better understanding of your water use. For a series of easy-to-use video tutorials, or to learn more about WaterSmart, go to: www.GoletaWater.com/WaterSmartInfo